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This is my art/main blog. Also contains a lot of WIPS, doodles, sketches, and so on. Feel free to leave something in my ask if necessary.

Commission Status: Open!

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Bust Commission for wullums!
Thank you for ordering! `v`)v

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Portrait commissions of Milreaf and Lemmy for phantasmic-pianist!

the two precious babbus were fun to draw )q( <33

drawin this for something uhuhuhuhu

yaaaaaaaas Marisa *q*

sorry for the delay!

I wanted to draw the Hyrule Warriors version of Zelda CAUSE SHE JUST LOOKED SOO GOOOD YOOOOO



I wanted to draw Jun cause she has been ma fave yosss! I hope you likey~ -Goo

I’m speechless, damn Goo you caught me off guard >:3

I love it so much, too much!

I’m glad you likey! ~Q~

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Cheeb commission for Kriss! *q*
It’s her irl and her boyfriend. B^)))

I’m glad you likey! I liked how this turned out as well~

Took a break from schoolwork and finished coloring this

I wanted to draw more of the outfit that Willa wore here.
nnnn i just like making outfits for my OCs O)———-<