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This is my art/main blog. Also contains a lot of WIPS, doodles, sketches, and so on. Feel free to leave something in my ask if necessary.

Commission Status: Open!

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Commission for dreamersollux!

I haven’t done this style in a while, so it was nice to do it again ;1;)b I hope you like it!
Commission info here

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Been behind on inktober cause of school O)——<
I wont give up just yet!!

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Did a batch of adopts! 
The first five have already been claimed, but the last three are still up for grabs.

They are $15 each. To claim, please reply here!

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Inktober days 1 & 2

Sketch for my upcoming litho print for class.

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Fullbody commission for LastAim @ Deviantart.
This is their OC, Daetrius. Also added detail shots! `q`/

Commissions are still open!

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We’re doing woodcuts in my printmaking class! Its much more different than linoleum OTL

Espella doodle!
Slowly playing through this game, and I really like it so far ;__;b


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So uhh there’s an artist shaming bandwagon going on and- yeah